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What are APK and OBB Files? Why You Need Them to Install Games?

Have you ever downloaded the game from other websites than Google Play Store? If yes, you might know that you will get two different files, including APK and OBB files. What are they? Why you need them to install games? Let’s find out the answer below.

What are APK and OBB Files?

You might more familiar with APK (Android Package Kit) since most of Android file named with .apk behind it. Yes, APK is a small application file that contains with only the installation package https://utama88qq.com/ and license information.

Meanwhile, OBB stands for Opaque Binary Blob is a term in computer science for a data file that contains with sizeable piece of data. Most Android developers mostly use OBB when they develop games with high graphics and large data size. OBB files contain with most parts of the games including graphics, visuals, and other important data for running the game.

So, APK files itself don’t enough to install game, you also need OBB files to help installing and running the full game on your Android device. No wonder, OBB files size is a way bigger than APK.

How to Install Game with OBB Files on Android?

When you download games directly from Google Play, the installer will automatically install both the APK and OBB files in its normal folder. However, if you get both files from alternative sources, you need to download both of the files to be able install the game.

After success downloading the files, you need to extract the files if it downloaded in ZIP or RAR format. Copy the whole OBB folder and paste to your Android internal storage. Choose Android folder and copy to the OBB folder. If the folder OBB doesn’t exist, you can create it manually.

Continue with installing the APK files and wait until the process is done. Once the installation process is done, you can open and enjoy the game. Now, you don’t need to download the data file again as you already copy the file into your Android storage.

obb files
obb files

If you can’t install the game, you can try to go to the “security” menu in the settings. Enable the “Unknown sources” button to allow installing any file on your Android device that come from unknown sources than Google Play Store. However, ensure that the downloaded games files have been safe and free from viruses or malware that can harm your phone.