5 APK Apps for Watching Movies

5 APK Apps for Watching Movies

The solution to watching economical movies without having to go to the cinema is by streaming them through your device. Some of these applications for watching free movies without downloading can be an alternative for those of you who want to watch box office movies without having to spend a lot of money.

5 APK Apps for Watching Movies
5 APK Apps for Watching Movies
  1. Tribe

Tribe is an application to watch Korean dramas. However, Tribe also has a fairly complete collection of western, Thai and local films. Also, Tribe provides an Indonesian subtitle feature to make you comfortable while watching.

  1. Tubi TV

This movie application has a display similar to the desktop. This application is also optimized for its mobile version, so you can access Tubi TV via your smartphone or tablet. Here, you can select films based on available genres.

Every time you select a film, Tubi TV will display a complete picture of the release date, duration, rating, and genre. You can access Tubi TV via iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Xbox 360, Samsung TV, and many other devices.

  1. WeTV

WeTV is one of the places to watch original and popular dramas, movies, and variety shows that you can rely on. To provide a pleasant viewing experience, WeTV is equipped with a number of excellent features.

Some of them are the selection of a category in which movies, dramas and variety shows are categorized on different pages, continue watching to help users remember to what part of the movie was watched and starting right from that part, to subtitles / translations.

  1. MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD, of course, only provides HD quality movies. So, you don’t need to worry about finding movies that are still cam quality. MegaBox provides various types of films, from Hollywood films to Asian films. This is what makes MegaBox one of the most wanted APKs during the Pandemic. You can try MegaBox to kill your free time during quarantine.

MegaBox also includes an application that is light when running and does not burden your Android, unlike most Android applications which might interfere with performance.

  1. Newest Movies HD

Are you in a financial crisis, so you have to miss your favorite movie currently showing in theaters? Don’t be discouraged, because you can download Newest Movie HD which enables you to watch various box office films and cartoons.

5 APK Apps for Watching Movies
5 APK Apps for Watching Movies

Wow, is it true in Newest Movies HD that we can watch favorite cartoon films? Yes, this application does have a large collection of box office films and cartoons. The user interface offered by this application is also quite friendly, so you will not find it difficult when you have to use this useful application.

Watching movies through the various applications above does provide a free viewing experience that may be interesting, although of course it won’t beat the thrill of watching a movie in Cinema with your loved ones. Even so, in an era of pandemics like this, it would be nice if we keep our distance from each other and still enjoy movies from home in this way.