uninstall apk android

How to Uninstall APK Files from Your Android Device?

When you install lots of APK files to run various applications, you might don’t think that they will make your device storage space is insufficient. Soon, your Android device performance is slowing down and experience more lags. For example, there is a pre-installed game in your phone which considered “bloatware” because it takes up the space in your storage and eat internet connection too.

These unwanted applications should be uninstalled, so they won’t impact your battery life and your device can run smoothly. Here are some ways to uninstall those unwanted APK files from your device.

Remove APK Files from Unrooted Device

For unrooted Android device, you can simply uninstall the app by go to in the “Settings” menu. Find “Applications” then choose “Manage Applications”. Choose the application you want to remove and tap “uninstall” button. The other option, you can go to “Device” > “Apps” > choose the application > Force stop > Disable. In this way, you actually don’t delete the application but you only force the app to run on your device.

This solution might don’t work to disable some applications. Here, you might need third party launcher to remove the apps. The launcher will help to disable and hide the apps that is as good as a removal.

Remove APK Files from Rooted Device

For Android device that has been rooted before, the removal process is easier. The solution, you just need to install some apps to help you remove those unwanted pre-installed games. There are apps like NoBloat Free, Titanium Backup, System App Remover, and App Master. Not only uninstalling the apps, these apps also help backup the important data.

uninstall apk android
uninstall apk android

What Apps Should I Remove from My Device?

Not only pre-installed games and other apps, there are some others apps that you should aware and remove from your device. You should remove apps that promise to save RAM because any running app will eat up your RAM and battery life. So, no app will help to save RAM as claimed, instead exaggerate the problem. Battery Savers and Clean Master also don’t work like you expected to do. Social media such as Facebook also takes lots of space from your storage, so if you don’t really need it in your smartphone, you better open it on your desktop for better.

So, which one is your device type? You can select the option according to your phone condition.