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How to Install APK Files from Unknown Sources?

At a certain moment, you might find that Google Play Store isn’t a place where you can find all kind of apps. You want to install an app that contain with APK files like games in your Android device, but it comes from unknown sources. Can you do that? Well, of course. There are several reasons why you have to download it from other sources than Play Store. For example, your Android device lacks of access to Play Store due to region restrictions or incompatible apps to your device. Or, you are accidentally deleting to Play Store and don’t know how to bring it back.

If you want to install the APK files from unknown sources, follow these following instructions to start the installation

Start by Enabling the APK Installation in Setting Menu

Go to the “Setting” menu in your smartphone. Scroll down to find “Apps and notifications” menu (You may find this menu say “Biometrics and security”, “Safety and Privacy”, and some others).  Find “Install unknown apps” and tap to select a browser you want to use to download the APK files. Switch on the button “Allow from this source” to enable download and install APK files from unknown sources on your Android device. If you are prompted to do so, tap on “OK” to continue your decision.

Time to Install the APK Files

Now, you can open your web browser to search the name of the APK files you want to download and install. If you haven’t know the website that host APK download, you can specifically type the name such as soundcloud.apk, joox.apk, etc. Continue to process the download by tapping the “Download” button or other steps that you need to follow to be able downloading the APK files. If you are still prompted, tap “OK” to confirm the download process.

After the download process is complete, you can tap the APK file to begin installing. If you can’t find the APK files that have been successfully download, you can go to Files Manager. Select the default storage location where you can find “Downloads” folder in it. Find the APK files that you are looking for and tap “Install” to get started.

install apk files
install apk files

The steps are very simple, aren’t they? However, keep in mind that APK files from unknown sources might be harmful for your device. It may contain with viruses or malware. So, you need to be selective and careful on selecting the APK files you are going to install.