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How to Download and Install APK Files from Google Play?

When you are downloading and installing app from Google Play, you’ve never given an opportunity to download the APK files directly. Yes, it is because the Google installer already takes the form of APK files for you. Well, sometimes you need to download the APK file for some reasons such as a backup, your device is short of space, working in a country with region restrictions, and so on. For these reasons, you are still able to download the APK files from Google Play and save it on your hard drive to install it later on your device.

You can follow the steps below.

Download APK Extension on Browser

If you want to download the APK files using your browser, you can get a browser extension for Chrome or Firefox to do so. You can open the “Extension” menu in the browser and search “APK downloader.” Add the extension to your desktop browser and login with your email that already synced to your Android device, password, and Android device ID. If you don’t know your device ID, you can download an app called Device ID that automatically open your Android ID. Now, you can try to open your Google Play. Next to the “Install” button, now you can find “Download APK” button.

Download APK Files from a Website

If you can’t find the APK files from Google Play, you can choose another option by downloading via website such as Evozi. You can insert the package name in the box of the website. The other option, you can copy the Google Play URL of the app to find it more easily. Simply click on the “Generate Download Link” button and you can download the APK files automatically.

install apk files
install apk files

Install APK File on Android Device

As you download the APK files indirectly from Google Play, your Android device will recognize the file from unknown sources. So, you need to enable “Unknown sources” in the security settings in your Android device. You can use USB cable or Bluetooth to transfer the files from PC to your smartphone. Put the files in the obvious location such as Downloads folder so you can find it easily. Open the File Manager to find the files in the Downloads folder. Tap the APK to start the installations. If it asks for your permission, continue with OK. Once you are done, disable the “Unknown Sources”.

Actually, those steps above are technically against Google’s terms and conditions. So, when you follow the steps, you should know the risk.