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How to Avoid Harmful APK Files Before Installing?

Most of people are more likely feeling happier when they can get something free, such as enable installing free app that actually you should pay for it at Google Play Store. You success to get a free APK file to install the app. But, do you think it is safe? Keep in mind that download APK files from unknown sources with free download access are most likely only bring a hazard result. The APK files might contain with viruses, malware, or other harmful files that dangerous to your Android system.

So, before download and install APK files ensure to follow these following instructions to avoid harmful files.

Avoid Install from Unknown Sources

Google Play Store is the safest sources for Android users to download various apps. When you only download and install apps from Play Store, you can feel at ease that all those apps are harm-free. However, most of installing harmful app cases happens when the users download the app from other sources than Play Store. When you are installing an app via APK files from other sources than Google Play Store, this process is called as sideloading.

So, try to avoid sideloading when you can install the app via Play Store instead. Do sideloading only when needed such as the app isn’t available on Play Store due to its policies or geo-restrictions, the app is available in local language that help you to fulfill your task, or the app is free from ads and trackers.

Check the Safety and Security

Offering a free APK file is a way for hackers to decoy most of users to install viruses and malwares on their device. This is the reason why you should be cautious before download a free software. However, it doesn’t stop many people to download free APK files.

android apk
android apk

You still want to download the APK files, you should do safety and security precautions in advance. You can take a benefit from website such as Virus Total to check that the APK files you download are free from any issue. After upload the files into the website, you will get the result right away. However, ensure that the file is less than 128 MB. For APK files bigger than 128 MB like game apps, you can use other options such as Hash Droid to check hash or NViso ApkScan to scan the app.

Follow those precautions above to ensure that your Android device is free from harmful APK files.