Movies Apps in 2020 for Android

4 Best Movies Apps in 2020 for Android

There are various ways to be entertained nowadays. Movies can be one of the best ways to get entertained as it is also relatively inexpensive compared to other entertainment ways. Watching movies now can be done not only from TV, theater and so on. You can enjoy a lot of different movies, either old great movies or latest blockbusters through your Android smartphone.

Best Movies Apps in 2020 for Android

  1. DVD Netflix or Redbox

You can get free trial from this app so that you can decide whether you want to continue using it or not. This app is very unique as it enables you to rent any Blu-ray and DVDs from various type of movies. Redbox provides you with daily rental system so it will be better used by those who don’t really get into movies that much.

DVD Netflix or Redbox
DVD Netflix or Redbox

Meanwhile, DVD Netflix offers the best services for those who are movie addicts. DVD Netflix offers the basic plan from only $7.99 until $14.99 monthly price.

  1. Hoopla

Want to look for best movies app in Android for free? Hoopla can be a great answer for you. This is a unique app that provides the services for free so it fits for the users on a budget. This app can work if the system is connected to its users’ local library. Therefore, make sure that the local library is a part of the Hoopla system in order to get it work.

  1. CineTrak

CineTrak can be downloaded directly from Google Play. This platform provides its users with a bunch of TV shows as well as movies. The app will help you to track on every shows that you watched beforehand. You can also use this app as a discovery platform that enables you to find any great movies and shows.

You can get this app for free. If you want to upgrade the features in it, you can pay the base price for only $3.99. The top version is $99.99 that enables you to purchase and share the codes to some other people.

  1. Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV offers the best services for those who want to repeatedly watching movies. You can buy any movies as well as TV shows from it and then stream them whenever you want. If you want to watch it offline, you can also download the movies and TV shows. This app supports 4K streaming for several movies.

Google Play Movies and TV
Google Play Movies and TV